Floral Backdrop with Organic Balloon Garland

-26 ft of balloon garland

-Specialty sign


Banquet Style Intimate Dinner Tablescape

-up to 14 settings

-7 floral vases


-table linens



We Can Bearly Wait

Baby Shower

-9ft balloon garland

-6 foot round wall

-2 floral sprays

-3 pedestals





-8x12 Boxwood Shimmer

-Neon HBD

-45 ft Balloon Garland

-"16" Marquee

-Cake Pedestal with Dummy Cake

-3ft Floral Indoor use Name (4 letters) ($225 each adtl. letter)

-White Plush Rug


College Bound Boxwood Wall

-18 ft of balloon garland

-Specialty Foil Star Balloons

- 4 College Logo decals


Dream Big Marquees

-40 feet of balloon garland

-Marquee rental

mounted letters

-4 college logos

-6 foil stars


Sweet 16 Shimmer Wall and Marquee

- 8x8 shimmer wall

-24 feet balloon garland

-16 marquee

-neon hbd


Balloon Photo Frame

-24 ft of balloon garland

-Specialty Foil Star Balloons

- Damn Photo Frame


8 ft Balloon Arch

Balloon Garland

2 marquees

Foil stars

1 in stock sign


Prom 24

-6 Marquees

-13 ft of Balloon garland

-6 foil stars

-outdoor install


Gold Shimmer Wall

-18 ft Balloon Garland

-Shimmer wall

-2 foil stars

-1 in stock sign


Marquee Setup

-Balloon Garland

-4 large marquees

-2 small


-Foil stars


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