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Sugar Cuppies is dedicated to helping party hosts create and throw the parties of their dreams!

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How we help

We have a variety of classes that will teach you all the ins and outs of entertaining & party decorating . Become the event host your guests won't forget!


We get your ideas started and organized with our printable guides and checklists!


Exclusive pre-recorded planning classes to help you host from start to finish! We provide you with timelines, budgeting guidance and advice that will help you seamlessly host your event! No scheduled classes, just watch on your own time!


We offer classes that will take you through creating all the lavish things you may not be able to afford from a vendor but can DIY! Tons of secrets that will leave your guests thinking you hired a pro!

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Can't even think of doing it yourself or just don't have the time to do it?! We do offer our event decorating services. Contact us today and let us decorate the party of your dreams!

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Let's redefine the stress of party planning.

Event hosting can feel like the wild wild west sometimes. Fads come and go, and it can be nearly impossible to keep up with what's affordable, current & trending in the party world!

Sugar Cuppies takes the guesswork out of party planning and decorating. We provide you with the essential resources so you can do it yourself! Think of us as an in-house digital event planner that doesn't take up all of your time or money.

Classes We Offer

The latest!

Cake Foundations

Looking to make your own fondant cake for your party? Start here with our Flawless Fondant Cake Class!

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Meet your event decorator, cake artist & teacher.....

Hi! I am Oribel, a mom of 3 sweet girls, a wife, a teacher, and an artist at heart! I love all things that pertain to decorating,
with my heart set on designing cakes, event decorating, and home decor!
As a passionate teacher, a creative, and a self-taught cake designer, I have a genuine desire to share my knowledge with others who share the same interests as me! I have spent countless hours learning and applying the techniques that have made me a master creator, and I would love to share my projects, tutorials, and tricks of these trades with you!

As a busy mom, wearing several hats, I know what it's like to feel limited on precious time! Sometimes, finding those little shortcuts that can save you time and money is all you need to carry out that spectacular party idea you had in mind!

Join me as I take you through my lens of celebrating life, I promise to teach you all that I know! =)

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